01 Leather

Animal skin … pelt … tanned hides … black leather. What's so exciting, if you see a guy in tight leather jeans walking before you in the street? Your pulse is quickening. The shining black color turns on your fantasy. You want to put your hands on his buttocks, feel the material, smell, taste … and, if the guy looks horny too, you want to feel the front side, too. OK, enough of daydreaming. Leather makes us horny. On these pages you see, why.

Our leather is something special. We make business since 20 years and know, what's good. Thus we only use leather treated to the rigorous german guidelines. That means (for our chrome-tanned cow nappa for instance), that it doesn't contain extractable tanning chemicals in a detectable amount. Even persons with allergies won't get problems with our leather. For our self manufactured leather products we use the following leathers:

--> For biker jackets, jeans, chaps breeches and other trousers and shorts and for wristlets, collars, harnesses, waistcoats and (muir) caps: heavy, smooth and shiny cow nappa with a thickness between 1.1 mm and 1.4 mm.
--> For our leather track suit, the police­style shirt and for masks, boxers, slips and supporters: soft and shiny black cow nappa »lambtouch« with a thickness of 0.9 mm.
--> For neckerchiefs and leather condoms: fine, soft and shiny 0.7 mm thin lamb nappa.
--> For slings and our clapper: 3.5 mm thick and shiny cow neck leather.