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Clothing from leather was described first with Neanderthals ca. 130,000 years ago. Raw hides were used in these ancient times. Later, following to the exploration and use of fire, first primitive methods of tanning were established making the material more durable. The invention of the sewing needle in the Paleoliticum enabled the production of real clothing. In ancient Egypt from ca. 3,000 b.c.e. multiple methods of tanning and subsequently different types of leather were used. The trade of tannery was less respected despite of its importance because of its bad smell and environmental pollution.

Clothing from leather had to be robust and functional in these times. Plain shirts and vests from tanned leather exist in Europe since stone age. From High Middle Ages this is documented with illustrations. The indian natives in North America wore shirts from leather, too but they share just their function (covering the chest) with current shirts. The styles were very plain and have less close fitting. In the 17th and 18th century we're seeing knee-length leather pants (culottes) spreading in the Central European area. They were used as dungarees for lower classes of population and develop to the traditional dresses of the alpine countries in the late decades of the 19th century. Leather clothing seamed and tailored corresponding to current standards is described in the 20th century together with the distribution of more powerful sewing machines.

Today's leather clothing is designed to current fashion styles. By using the right leather its possible to reproduce finest details of tailory even with leather. Because leather clothing is spreaded in the fetish scene predominantly (which developed from the late 60th in the US and Western Europe) thus the styles have an manageable amount which can be sewed in mass-produce. Tailor made clothing (like you're buying from us) lets your fantasy thriving. You see the love of detail mirroring in all of our products. Leave yourself inspiring on the following pages and - if you don't find what you're searching for - just ask us!

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HML Mini Supporter
That's all a supporter needs to have: A stiff edging from leather keeps the form at all times. The pouch is from dark an
49.90 €
Leather Suspenders 1 width
If you 're waiting long enough, the old fashion becomes the new avantgarde. This item was one of our best sellers in the
84.90 €
The complete tracksuit for 1,035 €. You save 25 €! »Made in Germany« is something special: The sewing pattern
1035.00 €
50 Euro for your old one
Get off your pants and save 50 Euros! Pamper yourself with a new 501-style, our hot carpenter's pants or any other leat
-50.00 €
Lining for pants
Our leather pants are unlined normally. We use a very high quality leather, which doesn't need any lining to be skinfrie
70.00 €
Trousers Piping
Another exclusive detail for your trousers or chaps! The origin of he pipings are very small creases as you know from th
35.00 €
Trousers Stripings
Have you found your perfect leather jeans? This is the place to order an additional feature for it. You want some side s
50.00 €
You can get each of our leatherpants with boot-cut legs. Our tailor will built your special pants with zippers from your
40.00 €
Lots of trouser's features from our service team can be ordered here. Just order the desired feature and then the trouse
60.00 €
C4L – Care for Leather
This leather care from paraffine oil is an excellent tool to keep thicker leathers smooth and shiny. It permeates deep i
9.90 €
Centralin Leatherfat
A brand leather fat in a nice and space-saving metal can. Odorless and caressing. Now in black, too – if the color of yo
5.00 €
Tom-of-Finland Breeches
These breeches is only avaible in custom made versions. Its carefully tailored in the classical style of Tom-of-Finland.
0.00 €
Mezcalero Boots
You can wear'em in every situation. These boots fit great to your denim as good as to your leatherjeans. The sole shape
99.90 €
501 Leather Shorts
Our leather adaption of the Levi's 501 pattern. A good choice for more muscular thighs. 5-pocket-form with button front
265.00 €
Go well dressed in summer. This short leather jeans will make the right outfit. In the pattern of a five-pocket-style wi
255.00 €
Carpenter's Shorts
Manufactured with all the details you know from the long carpenter's jeans, only without rule pocket. A true classic in
265.00 €
Narrow Suspenders
Narrow suspenders like they are typically worn by punksters and skins. These are hand-manufactured with a long-lasting,
74.90 €
This key-chain is ca. 40 cm long and has a snap hook at the one end and a key-ring on the other. Click it simply in a be
7.50 €
50 mm Leather Belt
This is our high-end belt. With a two-spiked buckle with leather loop and reinforced eyelets works it inherently visual
79.90 €
Codpiece Jeans
The basic style is like our leatherjeans with the tight-fit legs. Five-pocket-style only that we dropped the handpockets
445.00 €
Bavarian Seppl-Pant
An original Bavarian leather pant. Made of a premium cowhide nappa-leather, solid dyed and about 1.1 mm thick. Manufactu
299.00 €
Carpenter Pants
In Germany this are the working trousers traditionally worn by craftsmen like carpenters and roofers. We translated this
445.00 €
Bavarian Knickerbocker
Another trousers directly imported from Bavaria. A leather knickerbocker with all hand-made details like the gusset at t
345.00 €
Bavarian Suspenders
To complete your nature-boy outfit these are the suspenders for our Bavarian trousers. Made of the same black shiny cowh
49.90 €
Leather BDU Trousers
Using the original US Army BDU pants sewing-pattern we have engineered this leather trousers. Made of a premium cowhide,
495.00 €
Luxury Leather-Jock
This is not a soft leather brief. This high-end supporter is manufactured of premium shiny-black cowhide. Front-closure
124.90 €
HML Adult Supporter
The all-purpose supporter (and we anticipate your purpose) made of finest black cowhide. With a 2" waistband. Completely
119.90 €
501 Leather Jeans
The leather jeans in 501 pattern which is particularly recommended for muscled thighs. Made of full black and shiny cow-
445.00 €
HML Leather-Chaps
These Chaps are manufactured of a 1.2 mm thick soft nappa leather with deep black surface finish. The zippers are locate
435.00 €
As seen at the Tom of Finland scetches: Tight fit leather breeches Jodphur-style. Made of shiny black cowhide nappa leat
475.00 €
Leather Jeans
The pattern of our leather jeans is really tight fit, just like it has to be for excellent leather trousers. We 're sur
395.00 €
Leather Track Pants
This pants will make the right suit for every athletic event. Built of a special treated cowhide leather, it offers ligh
415.00 €
The pants to wear under your chaps in special situations. Very tight fit. Without pockets, unlined, no belt loops. But w
265.00 €