112 Leather Care

leather care: The smooth and shiny leather we use for most of our products, is very durable, cuddly but tough. Maybe it lives, because it breathes, it expands and it can store and emit humidity.

It deserves a bit care from time to time. At normal exposure clean and care it with leather fat 1-2 times a year. A few hours after fatting, polish the leather with a very soft rag. That's all.

Impregnating spray makes the leather water and dust repelling. Spray it equable, leave it dry and polish with a soft rag.

If you made really dirty things with your leather, you may wash it with handwarm hater and shampoo. Dry it fluffily hanging on an airy place, not nearby the heater, and grease afterwards.

Splashes of dust shall be removed like if they are on your naked skin: with warm water and a mild soap. Don't rub it too hard. Use a soft sponge and spot the leather more than you rub it. Use a soft rag afterwards.

Even for por persistent stains don't use solvents like turpentine, oxidants or benzene. Spots from protein may be removed only with handwarm water, if that fails, use cold carbonated water. Stains from fat could be removed with beaten white of egg supposedly. Spilled liqueur can be removed carefully with spirit.

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Leather & Saddle Soap
Cleans and cares: Leather saddles, shoes, bags and bridles. Its made with high quality plant-based raw materials and is
7.00 €
C4L – Care for Leather
This leather care from paraffine oil is an excellent tool to keep thicker leathers smooth and shiny. It permeates deep i
9.90 €
Centralin Leatherfat
A brand leather fat in a nice and space-saving metal can. Odorless and caressing. Now in black, too – if the color of yo
5.00 €
Leather Oil
This oil is an excellent tool to keep thicker leathers smooth and shiny. It permeates deeper into the material and bring
2.95 €
Leather Glue
A glue for leather, but for several other materials, too – like rubber, wood, plastic and paper. Glues fast and endurabl
4.90 €
Inhaler I
Have a change and put something up your nose! These inhalers, engineered of three parts and screwed into each other are
19.90 €
A rustic and non-slip wooden construction. Easy to use without other's assistance. Indespensable with tight-shaped tall
12.50 €
Shoe Horn
Always use this practical gear to slip in your shoes and boots! With a length of 50 cm you can use it even for tall boot
9.90 €
Boot Hooks
Its really easy to slip into your boot using these tricky hooks! Fix the hooks in the bootleg loops of one boot, leave i
9.90 €
The optimal gear to keep the shape and value of your highboots! You'll get a pair of plastic 37 cm high bootshapers with
14.90 €
Bundeswehr Shoe Polish
Impregnating and leather care for heavily stressed black footgear. This care is water-repellent through silicone oil and
3.90 €
Bùfalo Shoe Polish
Black Shoe Polish. Without solvents, water repellant with beeswax. 75 ml can. Apply with a soft shoe brush, dispense ca
3.90 €
Impregnating Spray
Bùfalo Aqua Stop is an all purpose impregnator and this capillary blurred, you can use it even for textile trousers and
7.90 €
Cleaning Foam
Bùfalo Multi Foam makes a color refreshening, cleaning and care the same time. Apply this special foam from the spray-ca
5.90 €
For a good care of your leather boots in three steps – clean, apply, polish – you need this three brushes: For thorough
3.00 €
Simply the best for all kinds of smooth leather: our leather fat is free of perfume and coloring agents. 150 ml can for
4.00 €
Leather Ink
Solitaire Leather Ink is suitable for all smooth leathers and does not bleed. You will not really need this ink to touch
4.90 €