202 Rubber Boots

Boots from rubber have a long history. Rubber is extracted from the latex of the rubber tree, originated from the rain forests of South America. The aborigines already soaked their footwear with latex to make it durable and water resistant. Gear from rubber and real rubber boots could be produced not before 1840, as Charles Goodyear invented the technique of vulcanisation. This makes products from rubber permanently elastic and removes their stickiness. Rubber boots were first used in farming. In World War I they were used by soldiers in the trench warfare.

Boots from rubber or similar synthetics (PVC, PU) will be used today in a lot of scopes. Beneath agriculture and hunting an anatomically shaped version is used for horse riding. A waist-high version (Waders) will be used by anglers and fishers. Since the turn on millenium they won't be manufactured in Europe anymore and its difficult to get (especially the black versions) them in trade.

Rubber boots as a fetish is a newer phenomenon. Since its important to wear the pure rubber on the naked skin the people prefer the unlined versions. They are less easy to get than the lined boots. Only a few businesses (Sklop, Nora) offer them at all. Here in the HML Fetish webshop you'll find a small but nice collection of typical rubber boots, riding boots and Waders. Have fun exploring them!

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Waders unlined
Take a pair of heavy rubber boots and add gauntlets from 1.5 mm thick rubber – all that carefully welded in a manufactur
199.90 €
C4P – care for polish
To rebuild the shine of your rubber after the cleaning, just wipe with some Latex-Polish on a sponge or a soft rag. Late
9.90 €
Riding Boots from PVC
A boot in style of the classical riding highboots. Looks like real rubber or a very finely grained, polished leather. Th
44.90 €
Shiny Rubber Boots
Finally a rubber boot for real fetiscists: These Wellington Worker Boots are high shafted and have a slim and anatomical
49.90 €
Waders olive, lined
Colour-up your fetish! So we offer you extra tall boots from nitrile rubber (with phthalate free plasticisers), total ca
99.90 €
C4R – care for rubber
C4R: The perfect substitution for all kind of rubber care. C4R is an extra thin silicone fluid. It adheres on every rubb
9.90 €
Outdoor Boots
Heavy rubber boots for each terrain. Manufactured from dark olive latex with a soft lining from neoprene. Ca. 4 mm thick
59.90 €
Bootlaces 350 cm
Round bootlaces for the knee-high 30-holers. Ca. 350 cm length and available in five colours: black, blue, white, yellow
9.90 €
Latex Stockings
Black, 0.35 mm thin latex. These stockings cover your whole leg till the thighs – perfect supplement for a rubber tom su
44.90 €
The original heavy, black rubber boots for the right swinishnesses. No PCV and unlined, only rubber, just like real rubb
49.90 €
Latex Socks
Black, 0.35 mm thin latex. These socks – together with thin rubber gloves – are the optimal supplement for our overall.
19.90 €