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Suspenders 35 mm wide
For real Skins - the extra hot suspenders suiting your bleachers. In six hot colours: black, white, red, yellow, royal b
11.90 €
Eyelet-Belt 50 mm
A solid, durable belt, with a two prong buckle and eyelet holes the entire length of the belt. You could also use it for
59.90 €
Leather-Belt twolayered 50 mm
That's the way we work leather! Two layers, border-sewn, with nickel free washer rivets strengthened holes - that makes
49.90 €
Gauntlet for Gladiators
We take care of you: your outfit for the next gladiators fight are hot gauntlets manufactured from black leather with de
62.93 €
Tactical pistol holster
A tactical pistol holster with leg- and belt fixing in black. This practical low ride holster with PVC-trimming at the b
24.90 €
Shoulder Harness
These shoulder pads impress on every party you stay. A martial detail fitting best naked chests on the dancefloor. You'l
47.92 €
Web-Belt black
This 4.5 cm wide stable woven belt will look great with your jeans. Comes with an adjustable universal size (120 cm), wi
9.90 €
Balaclava Elasthane
This hood, called Balaclava, is made from an elasthane fabric. There is one vent for mouth and eyes and it is used by SW
8.90 €
Balaclava Cotton
This hood, called Balaclava, is made from cotton fabric. There are vents for mouth and eyes and it is used by SWAT-teams
6.90 €
Sleek Leather-Belt
An affordable belt from a 2.6 mm thick and 40 mm wide sleek leather. This leather is one-layered and cut without seaming
19.90 €
Belt Pouch small
New invented by HML: compact design but with an astonishing capacity – from cigarettes, lighter, ID card, condoms and lu
29.90 €
US Helmet »MICH« black
An affordable replica of an U.S. Army helmet. Size adjustable with a chin strap, the cushioned lining is adjustable to y
44.50 €
Key Tag
A unique tag for your bunch of keys: handmade from finest black leather! The tag is 4 cm wide and 4-8 cm long. Its elabo
5.00 €
Steel Helmet WW2 black
A true to original replica of the steel helmet of the German Armed Forces in World War II. Black varnished with an insid
89.90 €
Knee Pads
One pair of knee pads in black. A solide and endurable replica with good protection, adjustable closures and a horny loo
12.90 €
Web-Belt olive
With its origin in the US Army's service dress trousers this little heavily built thing has come into vogue. Even looks
4.90 €
Pistol Belt small
This set is black, 8 pieces and contains a polypropylene inlay. spray pouch, handcuff pouch, maglite case, pistol holste
39.90 €
Baseball Bat
An american baseball bat from silver varnished wood and partially wrapped with black band for a better grip. The stick i
9.90 €
Pistol Belt large
This set is black, 12 pieces and contains a polypropylene inlay. 2 pcs belt keeper, mobile pouch, key holder, spray pouc
49.90 €
Key wallet
Brand new and from our own workshop: a pocket for your key manufactured from finest horse leather! Be inspired by their
19.90 €
From our own workshop: the HML Fetish moneybag! A real allround organiser for your money, credit- or ID-cards and even y
29.90 €
Gift Certificate
You want to make an individual present to your sweetheart? You aren't sure, if he needs the item or might misunderstand
20.00 €
Paintball Face Mask
This face mask from shock-proof plastic normally protects you from paintballs, but its useful for other kinds of rolepla
49.90 €
A heavy armor chain from nickel plated steel made for the epaulets of your leather jacket. Its made from two partial cha
9.90 €
Marigold Working Gloves
0.6 mm strong are these exciting gloves. We got them in stock freshly. They are made from black neoprene – well known fr
9.90 €
HML Waist Belt
35 mm wide, black and made of a plain, cutted leather. Silver anodized buckle embossed with carefully engraved HML Fetis
19.90 €
A must-have for your baggage: Leg-loops connected with a nape-belt. An easy and comfortable way for a roleplay between r
69.90 €
Generally this necklet is for dogs. But this special size is for special and large dogs which aren't advised in Breath C
12.90 €
New, original HML and convenient: a leather supporter with a pouch from origin camo clothing. This army stuff in woodlan
69.90 €
Biker Purse
The cool and useful wallet with the big capacity. 6 partitions for credit cards incl. 1 transparent protector for your I
69.90 €
Heavy, black Cownappa is moulded to a unique wristlet! The special rolling shaping, the combination of two leather thick
59.90 €
Knitted Cap unlined
This knitted cap is made for wind and weather: made from polyacryl it gives you a warm head the whole winter through. On
5.00 €
Oi! Warning
The idyllic Lake Constance country side: The small, picturesque harbor towns inbetween fruit plantations. A house in the
9.90 €
This hook would be used to connect two chains together, or to connect the two ends of one chain to a circle. It is made
2.00 €
Bootlaces 210 cm
From here also skins and punksters should pay attention. We have the perfect laces for your 14- and 20-holers! 210 cm -
6.00 €
Balaclava Acryl
This hood, called Balaclava, is made from a densely knitted acrylic fabric. There are vents for mouth and eyes and it is
6.90 €
Alpha Web-Belt
An army-style web-belt from Alpha Industries. 4 cm wide with a length that will fit waists up to 112 cm. Adjustable for
13.93 €
Plain-Buckle Belt
The belt with plain metal buckle. The belt is manufactured from shiny black cowhide nappa leather. A material also used
44.90 €
Suspenders 25 mm wide
For real Skins - the extra hot suspenders suiting your bleachers. In six hot colours: black, white, red, yellow, royal b
9.90 €
Eyelet-Belt 40 mm
A solid, durable belt, with a two prong buckle and eyelet holes the entire length of the belt. You could also use it for
49.90 €
20 mm wide and with a steel D-ring. With big snaps on the inside adjustable for 4 cm or 5 cm wide belts. Even as useful
6.90 €
Handcuff Case smooth
This belt-bag is for all regular types of handcuffs and has a useful key hook on the inside. The bag is the perfect addi
19.90 €
Narrow Suspenders
Narrow suspenders like they are typically worn by punksters and skins. These are hand-manufactured with a long-lasting,
74.90 €
This key-chain is ca. 40 cm long and has a snap hook at the one end and a key-ring on the other. Click it simply in a be
7.50 €
A 20 mm wide belt loop with a carabiner. Comes with the ingenious hidden snap adjustment for perfect tight fitting on 4
7.90 €
Laced Gauntlet
Very masculine gauntlets, hand-crafted with several layers of black cownappa. With welt-bordered edges, nickel free eyel
39.90 €
Leather Noose
This leather strap with ca. 3 mm x 3 mm profile can be opened and closed with a hangmens noose. Four colours available:
4.00 €
Leather Strap 2 meters
Leather straps in different colors. Durable, ca. 3 mm x 3 mm profile and 2 m length. For ligation, as a necklet or as la
4.00 €
Shoulder-Strap Heavy
This is our 2 cm wide cross strap, with an additional 4 cm wide leather pad. The effect is not only that this one can ca
44.90 €
Shoulder-Strap Standard
This plain cross-strap comes in 2 cm width, what is like the shoulder straps worn by the German MP. Two of our leather b
34.90 €
Handcuffs for decoration
These handcuffs are the cheapest available. They come with two keys and are plated with zinc which hides their budget pr
7.50 €
An affordable alternative! 9 mm diameter. Twisted and very durable. 15 meter olive or black nylon rope. Plaited ropes a
9.90 €
Original Alcyon model 5230. These cuffs are characterised by their fully suspended link. Fully free rotation allows you
39.90 €
Leather-Belt twolayered 40 mm
That's the way we work leather! Two layers, border-sewn, with nickel free washer rivets strengthened holes - that makes
39.90 €
Dog Tag
This is the ID tag worn by every GI. You get two aluminium tags blanco (silver or black) including the chain and two bla
6.90 €
A double ended carabiner hook, in galvanised nickel. Dye cast metal. Length: 10cm. Try to get this snap-hook in a DIY sh
2.00 €
A 40 mm wide armband engineered like the most of our belts and bands. Black cowhide vampleather. Makes them stable, soft
24.90 €
LC-1 Suspenders
Engineered in the pattern of the US Army's LC-1 field gear suspenders. Built with black cowhide nappa leather and nickel
89.90 €
M-50 Suspenders
Great looking special gear- but that's not all those exclusive suspenders will bring to you. They offer practical advant
89.90 €
Shield Badge
This badge is designed as a shield similar to the badge of a NYPD officer. Nickel plated. 65 mm high. This offer means
9.90 €
German Bundeswehr T-Shirt
Will last for years: the genuine T-shirt of the german army. Outstanding quality of 100 % cotton. Olive-green-brown. Si
12.90 €
Tricky leatherstraps wound and twisted like a barb wire. Built with solid dyed leather laces of 3 mm x 3 mm. Closure is
11.90 €
Army Top
A very masculine tank-top made of 100% cotton. In olive green with army-star and number transfer print.
19.90 €