504 Piercing

A not unperilous piercing across the glans. The origin of the Ampallang is in Indonesia. It needs a very long time to heal - six till twelve months and longer.

An also not unperilous piercing through the border of the glans. This piercing is tightly connected with the practice of circumcision and shall recover the supposed loss of glans sensibility. Time to heal at least 8 weeks.

Means the frenulum of the glans. The piercing is simple and heals within 6 weeks.

The piercing in the perineum area between anus and scrotum. It is uncomfortable during seating and needs a time to heal from ca. ten weeks.

piercing schemes

The origin of the Hafada piercing came from the arabian area. It are simply piercings of the scrotum and penis shaft – with rings and barbells. It heals fast within four weeks.

intimate piercing schemata

Prince Albert
was the husband of Queen Victoria. The PA perforates the urethra nearby the frenulum. It was used to fix the penis at the jeans button. Its an easy-to-set piercing. The ring shouldn't be selected too thin, because a too thin ring may cut the urethra. Recommended is a thickness of at least 2.4 mm till 3.2 mm with an inside diameter of 20-25 mm. The healing time is four till six weeks.

Source: Piercing Spezial

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Needle wheel from plastic
An short handhold and acute needles made from plastic. Can you imagine how it feels, when you are blindfolded and your
5.00 €
Penis Plug hollow
This urethra plug doesn't need a piercing. It will be fixed with a ring tightly encircling the base of your glans. The p
39.90 €
This padlock from brass is chrome plated and shiny polished. We use it for all purposes where someone or something has t
16.50 €
Hegar Sounding
A medical special-tool for your special cervix games: Dilatators with conical rounded top. Now available in several diam
14.90 €
A long stick for the urethra. Medical, polished Aluminum and 2-pole-electrifiable. Desinfect and insert it s l o w l y a
79.90 €
Penis Plug
This urethra plug doesn't need a piercing. It will be fixed with a ring tightly encircling the base of your glans. The p
39.90 €
3-fold Nerval Wheel
A nerval wheel in the style of the original Wartenberg Pinwheel with a triple wheel. Made completely of medical-qualifie
29.90 €
Snap-Ring Gripper
A plain and durable tool from the craftsmen. Absolutely neccessary for the insertion of larger percing rings.
39.90 €
Ball-Closure Ring
Rings without flamboyant ornament for your piercing. The ball has two recesses for the ring to clamp in. Sometimes it wo
3.00 €
Enlarging Crescents
These tricky tools are used for the dilatation of accreted piercing holes, or to dilate for a larger ring. We have two s
15.00 €
Smooth Segments
Piercing rings with a straight masculine look and in excellent workmanship. You just have to remove a segment to open th
12.50 €
Circular Barbells
The open rings for a Prince Albert, or if you are looking for a bigger nipple ring. Made of medical approved stainless s
5.00 €
Piercing bars with ball-heads manufactured of medical approved stainless steel. One ball is firm, the other is to be scr
3.00 €
Prince Albert Sound
Urethra Diabolo as a special tool for a Prince Albert piercing. Insert the 6 mm thick bar in the urethra and fix it thro
79.90 €
Needle Wheel
An endurable handhold and very acute needles made from stainless steel. Can you imagine how it feels, when you are blin
9.90 €
Nerval Wheel
An original Wartenburg Medical Pin Wheel. Made completely of medical-qualified stainless steel in high-end quality. Can
19.90 €
At first it looks great, then it boosts sensations: a 4 mm strong cock-head ring. This one is made of stainless steel an
2.90 €
Dog Tag
This is the ID tag worn by every GI. You get two aluminium tags blanco (silver or black) including the chain and two bla
6.90 €