06 Toys, BDSM

Your deepest dreams might come true here. Are you hoping to meeting a partner who knows your fantasies, each one, who reads your wishes from your lips. A partner who smiles at you and starts to fulfilling each wish - one after the other?! To find this partner is your role. Our role is to show you the ropes, the restraints and the toys to play with.Did you know that you can do Safer Sex even with dildoes and plugs? Its really simple. You just have to put a condom over your toy! Its easier to handle & clean and the surface of your toy stays hygienic. Furthermore it enhances its lifetime..

BDSM means »Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism« and describes a wide area of consensual sexual variations. Both partners are playing in a gradient of power. One partner is handing over his autonomy to the partner. Its part of the game and the personal likes of the players that the TOP, DOM or Master is taking advantage of the situation and treating the sub or slave like his preferences. A basic rule for such games is a SAFEWORD or a sign (if he is temporarily unable to articulate) allowing the passive part to stop the scene or session and its part of the responsibility of the active part to recognise the sign that his partner is reaching hie personal limits..

Bondage is an important part of such games. It doesn't matter if you like restraints from leather or rubber, working with ropes or just handcuffing your »victim« to haul him off. Its just important that you know a few rules how to play in a safe manner without causing rope burn or cutting veins and nervs with too tight restraints. It helps to exercise the techniques before a session. With this in mind we're wishing you loads of fun with the hottest games on earth your HML Team..