601 Dildoes

Cleaning with handwarm water. Any household washing-up liquid will be OK. Dry the product completely before storing away. Some customers told us, that they use a dishwasher to clean their dildoes and butt plugs. Apart from the fact, that the water in a dishwasher is too hot, this technique might be usable only for very special fetishists?.

You should use a condom for your dildoe too! Storage: dark, dry, airy and single. Direct sunlight will cause the material to fade after a longer period. Usage: warming it up before is a good idea. Use handwarm water for it. Your plug is just as little designed for a microwave as your hamster. Don't share your dildoes / butt plugs with other guys. That may be social, but unhygienic.

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Dildo 47 mm
This dildoe is ca. 220 mm long with 550 g weight and a diameter of ca. 47 mm. Its casted of deep black vinyl. The base i
24.50 €
Dildo 48 mm
This dildoe is ca. 230 mm long with 650 g weight and a diameter of ca. 48 mm. Its casted of vinyl, and deep-black - not
25.50 €
Dildo 57 mm
This dildoe is ca. 245 mm long with 950 g weight and a diameter of ca. 57 mm. Its casted of heavy vinyl, and deep-black.
32.50 €
Dildo 60 mm
This dildoe is ca. 255 mm long with 1,050 g weight and a diameter of ca. 60 mm. Its casted of vinyl, and deep-black. A h
34.50 €
Dildo 44 mm
This dildoe is ca. 190 mm long with 400 g weight and a diameter of ca. 44 mm. Its casted of vinyl, and deep-black. Alway
21.50 €
Fucklock with stopper
Moulded in the U.S. from pure Silicone (although safe with all lubes): the »Oxballs« Fucklock Ass-Lock with stopper. A r
89.90 €
Mystim Tickling Truman
Tickling Truman is unprecedented, because our E-Stim Vibes are the first and only toys that have you enjoy both vibratio
99.90 €
Dildo 18 mm
Even smaller than one fingers: our teeny dildo. Solid casted with vinyl, black and gigantic 85 mm long.
9.90 €
Rubber Gloves 0.3 mm arm length
Black smooth latex gloves. With its 0.35 mm thin rubber material, they keep your hands sensitiveness. These gloves are m
27.90 €
Rubber Gloves 0.3 mm elbow length
Black smooth latex gloves. With its 0.35 mm thin rubber material, they keep your hands sensitiveness. These gloves are m
26.90 €
Fat 650 mms long is this dildo manufactured from solid vinyl. Its shaped like the cock of an adult stallion. When its in
129.90 €
Dildo 74 mm
This dildo grows from ca. 50 mm on the tip of the glans up to 85 mm on its base (74 mm diameter at half of the height).
39.90 €
Pig Hole Plug
There are several hollow butt plugs out there, but no one as stupid hot as PIG-HOLE. Shaped so it fits your hole like it
79.90 €
Dildo 72 mm
This dildo works with you, when you work on it. It has a weight of more than three pounds with its 72 mm diameter and 38
44.90 €
Joy-Lite Plugster
The ingenious plug of the »Cock-and-Ass-Blaster« is available as single plug, too. If a cockring under your jeans might
19.90 €
TitanMen Big Stuff
Get the last word in male toys, from your heroes at TitanMen TOOLS. The TitanMen Big Stuff Trio in 6, 7 and 8 inches mak
24.90 €
Anal Hook
Have you ever been taken out with this hook? The ball penetrates your sphincter and locks in its place firmly. The bar s
69.90 €
Stainless Nightstick
A bâton from shinily polished stainless steel. You'll leave an unforgetable impression, when you wear it easily at your
49.90 €
Ass Rod Anal Training Kit
Three different sizes for an intensive anal training: this is a Down+Dirty set for advanced players. Already the smalles
79.90 €
TitanMen Nitestix
When naughty guys are lingering, you'll better arm yourself with the TitanMen Nite Stix! This anal dildo is firm, yet fl
19.90 €
Pump Ball
A single pumping ball from black rubber, if you need replacement for a pump dildo or plug. The metel valve is included.
14.90 €
Cock & Ass Blaster red
You'll love this new toy! It pleasures you in a double manner. The front side will be entangled by the elastic fat cockr
19.90 €
Electro-Dildo 35 mm
This electro-dildoe is two-phased with cable and plug compatible with our electro box. Available in heavy medical steel
109.90 €
Dildo 49 mm
A detailed realistic shaped dildoe with around 49 mm thickness. Overall length is ca. 235 mm. Solid casted from a specia
24.90 €
Designer-Dildo 86 mm
This thoughtful designed tool has a measurement of 41 cm in length. With its ten steps it guarantees your first climax a
119.90 €
The Initiation Kit
Three Down+Dirty dildo-plugs for an unbeatable price. They are spreaded ove a wide training range with their measurement
59.90 €
Rubber Gloves 0.3 mm wrist length
Black smooth latex gloves. With its 0.35 mm thin rubber material, they keep your hands sensitiveness. These gloves are m
12.90 €
Dildo 95 mm
A bulky fellow and a long friend, too. This dildo is made of a special rubber compound what gives him a smooth surface.
99.90 €
Dildo 75 mm
This dildo from natural latex is designed only for experienced dildo players and fistees. With its ca. 75 mm thickness a
69.90 €
A Plug, our very useful Plug-Mount and a Mini-String as a complete set. No need to wear more than this under your jean
89.90 €
Dildo 115 mm
This fat guy is around 115 mm thick! Very stable with its weight and the big nuts. This dildo is solid latex rubber and
139.90 €
Anal Balls
Black balls of solid rubber connected with a durable cord. Four balls with the same diameter each. The feeling to inser
39.90 €
Made from robust, black and endurable rubber and with a semi solid core. 3 sizes in stock: 22 cm x 4 cm, pumpable to ca
49.90 €
Dildo 55 mm
This grand and huge dildo has a maximum diameter of ca. 55 mm and a overall length of 285 mm. Comes in black latex with
49.90 €
Design-Dildo 54 mm
This design works with connotations to the technics sector. Despite the proportion of 54 mm diameter at 260 mm length th
19.90 €
Design-Dildo 50 mm
Proud 5.0 x 23 cms are the measurements of this design dildo. Just imagine, how this will feel inside you…
34.90 €
Dildo 63 mm
Great experience is on the way. It comes as an enormous dong – this one. With 63 mm thickness and 290 mm length. This ca
34.90 €
Design-Dildo 64 mm
This dildo has a large measurement. When it slips into, you'll feel lots of entertainment during the several steps it ne
34.90 €
Dildo 70 mm
Fat 43 cms long is this dildo manufactured from solid rubber. When its inside completely you feel yout tonsilles and the
59.90 €
Arm-Dildo 70 mm
This FF-dildo is around 70 mm thick and shaped like a real forearm. Solid casted special rubber compound. Length is ca.
34.90 €
Hand-Dildo 65 mm
Need a helping hand? This hand is manufactured in a massive shape, ca. 65 mm thick and with 210 mm length (incl. sucking
24.90 €
Dildo 35 mm
Not just yet. Not today – phrases you will never hear him say. Besides he is rather well equipped with his 35 mm diamete
19.90 €
Dildo 65 mm
Black, heavy and made of vinyl polymer. A solid casted and smooth black dildo. Has a nice look and feel, due to its smoo
39.90 €
Dildo 42 mm
A strong masculine lookin' butt-buddy with venes and and a 42 mm diameter. Close to reality design and 220 mm length. Th
24.90 €
Dildo 54 mm
With his length of 320 mm and his 54 mm diameter this one is far ahead of many pornstars. And he is more long-standing,
39.90 €
Dildo 47 mm
Want to have one with the right measurement and with constancy? This one will do. You will get 47 mm diameter and 200 mm
21.90 €
Design-Dildo 45 mm
This design works with connotations to the technics sector. With six following and only slightly increasing steps this d
21.90 €
This ultimate slip-stop keeps your plug in place in every situation. This little thing of efficiency fits to the crotch-
49.90 €
Doubledildo 40 mm
Double dildo solid casted of latex-rubber. With a diameter of 40 mm and a length of 480 mm.
45.90 €
Doubledildo 35 mm
Double dildo manufactured of latex-rubber. 35 mm diameter and 390 mm length.
24.50 €