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Plug Care: Cleaning with handwarm water. Any household washing-up liquid will be OK. Dry the product completely before storing away. Some customers told us, that they use a dishwasher to clean their dildoes and butt plugs. Apart from the fact, that the water in a dishwasher is too hot, this technique might be usable only for very special fetishists?.

You should use a condom for your plug too! Storage: dark, dry, airy and single. Direct sunlight will cause the material to fade after a longer period. Usage: warming it up before is a good idea. Use handwarm water for it. Your plug is just as little designed for a microwave as your hamster. Don't share your dildoes / butt plugs with other guys. That may be social, but unhygienic.

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Pedigree Puppy Play Tail Plug 35 mm
This K-9 plug from TPE is something special. Once you have inserted the ball the other end of the plug fits your asshole
29.90 €
Butt-Plugs 80-120 mm
This massive plugs are in stock in four heavy sizes: 80 mm diameter and 165 mm length, 90 mm diameter and 170 mm length,
20.50 €
A chastity device that is mind blowingly good. Manufactured from a super stretchy TPR. Developed for guys who love chast
69.90 €
Dogtail Plug from silicone with structure
This K-9 plug from structured silicone is something special. Once you have inserted the ball the other end of the plug f
39.90 €
Fucklock with stopper
Moulded in the U.S. from pure Silicone (although safe with all lubes): the »Oxballs« Fucklock Ass-Lock with stopper. A r
89.90 €
Armour Tug Lock black
The Armour Tug lock features the Armour Tug cock ring which is attached to a butt plug with a 5.5" circumference (44 mm
49.90 €
Tom-of-Finland Plug black
This round shaped plug features a tapered tip, a flared suction cup base and silicone material for safe play. The smooth
29.90 €
Hump Gear black
Hump Gear is the world's first butt plug from Perfect Fit that can be used for penetration. It contorts to fit inside yo
39.90 €
Rib Rider without core
A conical stepped pumpable plug dildo and a perfect tool for beginners even as for experienced players, too. The thickne
39.90 €
Dogtail Plug 60 mm Vinyl
This K-9 plug from endurable TPR is something special. Once you have inserted the 6 cm thick ball the other end of the p
49.90 €
Penis Plug hollow
This urethra plug doesn't need a piercing. It will be fixed with a ring tightly encircling the base of your glans. The p
39.90 €
TitanMen Tool 4
A well designed plug with three steps of pleasure for guys who can stand a lot. Its a Men's toy: The Master Tool is for
23.90 €
TitanMen Tool 5
A well designed plug with a slightly curved tip of pleasure for guys who can stand a lot. Its a Men's toy: The Master To
23.90 €
Colt Anal Trainer Kit
This set of three black butt plugs (measurements 25 mm x 120 mm, 33 mm x 140 mm and 47 mm x 165 mm) are an optimal and a
19.90 €
Mystim Curving Curt
This is an innovative bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator made of pure and smooth medical silicone. Its curved c-sha
59.90 €
Stimulator with Plug
A world novelty and exclusive available @ HML! Randy black leather tool, innovative nice and efficient shape made with e
99.90 €
Pig Hole Plug
There are several hollow butt plugs out there, but no one as stupid hot as PIG-HOLE. Shaped so it fits your hole like it
79.90 €
Joy-Lite Plugster
The ingenious plug of the »Cock-and-Ass-Blaster« is available as single plug, too. If a cockring under your jeans might
28.90 €
Butt-Plug 50 mm
This conically shaped plug from soft PVC has 50 mm thickness and 110 mm length. The sucking base plate is useful with in
19.90 €
Sport Fucker Ball Plug
This round plug is made from a Sil-A-Gel core with a cover of phthalate free soft PVC. The spacer bar between ball and b
23.90 €
Butt-Plug 68 mm
Overall length is 125 mm, at a diameter of 68 mm. This measurements form a very compact design, well shaped with soft vi
17.90 €
Double-Pump-Plug with core
This pumpable rubber plug is a real hammer: you already need experience and training to get it in when deflated. After s
59.90 €
Moulded in the U.S. from Platinum Silicone: the »Oxballs« Spark Plug. A strong sheath on the front side keeps your best
49.90 €
Electro Plug »Little John«
A finely manufactured two phased and conical shaped plug from polished aluminum. The isolation layer between the two pha
99.90 €
Ergo Douche
This anal shower includes two special features: 1st an extra long (25 cm / 10") and flexible tube. It allows extra deep
37.50 €
Stainless Nightstick
A bâton from shinily polished stainless steel. You'll leave an unforgetable impression, when you wear it easily at your
49.90 €
An accessory for our Pony-Harness: a wooden plug, carefully polished and varnished, with a tail from real horse hair att
99.90 €
Pump Ball
A single pumping ball from black rubber, if you need replacement for a pump dildo or plug. The metel valve is included.
14.90 €
TitanMen Big Stuff
Get the last word in male toys, from your heroes at TitanMen TOOLS. The TitanMen Big Stuff Trio in 6, 7 and 8 inches mak
24.90 €
Anal Hook
Have you ever been taken out with this hook? The ball penetrates your sphincter and locks in its place firmly. The bar s
69.90 €
TitanMen Tool I
A well designed and slightly curved plug. When worn the right way it stimulates your P-spot with every move and distract
15.90 €
Rib Rider with core
A conical stepped pumpable plug dildo and a perfect tool for beginners even as for experienced players, too. The thickne
54.90 €
Penis Plug
This urethra plug doesn't need a piercing. It will be fixed with a ring tightly encircling the base of your glans. The p
39.90 €
Ass Rod Anal Training Kit
Three different sizes for an intensive anal training: this is a Down+Dirty set for advanced players. Already the smalles
79.90 €
double Electro Plug 35 mm
A two phased butt plug manufactured from heavy medical stainless-steel with 130 mm length and 35 mm diameter. This plug
99.90 €
Electro Plug round
A two phased butt plug usable with our electro box. Its manufactured from heavy medical stainless-steel. This round plug
79.90 €
Cock & Ass Blaster
You'll love this new toy! It pleasures you in a double manner. The front side will be entangled by the elastic fat cockr
34.90 €
Butt-Plug 80 mm
No kidding from here on! Otherwise for some guys fun begins now. Are you one of them? (After all this latex plug is one
46.90 €
Butt-Plug 73 mm
Overall length is 140 mm, at a diameter of fat 73 mm. This measurements form a very compact design, well shaped with sof
27.90 €
Double-Plug 88 mm
A fat and saturated double-plug. With its 170 mm length and the two large steps of 70 mm and 88 mm you'll have the doubl
39.90 €
Butt-Plug 89 mm
Our largest, round vinyl plug. Soft, but elastic and endurable although. With its 190 mm length its a good tool for adva
39.90 €
The Initiation Kit
Three Down+Dirty dildo-plugs for an unbeatable price. They are spreaded ove a wide training range with their measurement
59.90 €
Anal Balls 40-60 mm
Five solid balls with 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm diameter each makes a high capacity (nearly 500 ml). You can get this anal
69.90 €
Anal Balls
Black balls of solid rubber connected with a durable cord. Four balls with the same diameter each. The feeling to inser
39.90 €
Pump-Plug conical with core 80 mm
A conical shaped butt-plug with hard core. Casted of elastic and endurable latex and easy to insert. Inflatable up to 8
49.90 €
Pump-Plug with core
Need a personal trainer to be fit for the next game? Take this versatile plug. Manufactured of thick, black rubber and s
39.90 €
A high-end manufactured leather gag plate, including a eather headstrap, with a rubber mouthplug of ca. 60 mm length and
119.90 €
The pump-up gag, attached trough the hole in the leather plate, is inflatable to a maximum of 90 mm thickness. It is wit
149.90 €
Anal Shower Tube Steel
Perfect manufacturing with stainless steel. With 1/2" thread. This anal shower has 20 mm diameter and ca. 140 mm length.
49.90 €
A Plug, our very useful Plug-Mount and a Mini-String as a complete set. No need to wear more than this under your jean
89.90 €
Butt-Plug 58 mm
Solid casted of a soft vinyl material and seamless hand-finished. This is the standard plug with its rounded shape and 5
27.90 €
peaky Butt Plugs
These plugs are crafted from black TPR and end in very slim peaks. That makes them to useful tools for beginners, becaus
14.90 €
Butt-Plug 42 mm
Another conical shaped, small tipped butt-plug. Made of vinyl-rubber. Overall length is ca. 130 mm. Useful for your firs
14.90 €
Monster Plug 120 mm
Almost unbelievable – this thing with a diameter of 120 mm (4.7"). Total length is ca. 230 mm. This big tool is vinyl, s
44.90 €
Butt-Plug 84 mm
A conical shaped butt plug. Has an 84 mm diameter and a length of 180 mm. Solid casted of vinyl. This is the begin of th
49.90 €
Butt-Plug 55 mm
A conical shaped plug with 55 mm diameter and a flat rounded tip. Solid casted of latex. Hand finished to give perfect s
19.90 €
Butt-Plug 57 mm
Overall length is 150 mm, at a diameter of ca. 57 mm. This measurements form a rather compact design, well shaped with s
14.90 €
Handlebar Dildo
Deep-black, slightly conical shaped and with its handlebar really practical. Adds some handling-convenience to your favo
29.90 €
Triple Plug 105 mm
This steady thing will be an eye-catcher in your dildo collection showcase (But don't put this heavyweight on a glass-sh
39.90 €
3-Time Plug 75 mm
This is our big three-way plug with a diameter of 75 mm (2.9"). 230 mm is his length, including the bottom-plate. This t
24.90 €
3-Time Plug 52 mm
Three times a »plop« makes this butt-plug. Made of latex-rubber with increasing diameters of 41 mm, 45 mm and 52 mm. Ci
19.90 €
These are special plugs, with a narrow socket fitting perfectly into our Plug-Holder. And that device has to be at the c
14.90 €
This ultimate slip-stop keeps your plug in place in every situation. This little thing of efficiency fits to the crotch-
49.90 €