609 Vacuum Play

Parts of the "Dr. Joel Kaplan Pumping Systems Vacuum Pump Instruction Sheet"
1. Trim or shave the pubic hairs at the base of your penis, several hours prior to a pump session.
2. Warm your pumping gear, body, penis and scrotum prior a pump session…
3. Massage ant stretch your penis and scrotum for 3-5 minutes prior to your pump session.
4. Lubriciate generously, with silicone or a liquid water based lubricant. For a secure seal apply a generous amount of Vaseline or other gelatinous lubricant to the base of the cylinder…
5. Do not ejaculate for several hours prior to, during or after the pump session. This allows maximum expansion without tissue damage.
6. Be semi to near-full erect while using vacuum pressure and try to be sexually aroused throughout the pump session…
7. The cylinders are fitted with a pressure-safe push-fit connector; this means that you can disconnect the pump and pipes once pressure has been achieved and the vacuum inside the tube will remain.

8. Only use minimum pressure. You should never feel pain of discomfort. If swelling, discolouration or pain occurs, reduce the pressure immediately by use of the pressure-release valvelocated in the front underside of the pump cylinder and discontinue the session. Do not try to fill the cylinder with your penis! If your penis becomes tight around the base of the cylinder and/or it is difficult to remove, a larger cylinder is required. The purpose of the pressure is to create an erection slightly larger than your normal erection and not to swell your penis.
9. Increase the pump pressure of the smaller (penis) cylinder during the final three minutes of your session. Always use less pressure for the larger (penis and scrotum) cylinder.
10. Pump sesstions should last 15-30 minutes during the first week. Increase the sessions by 5-10 minutes each week until you reach a pumping time of 1 to 2 hours per session. Alternate each session with different cylinder sizes for six days…
11. Never repeat the session within less than 24 hours. This allows time for the tissue to relax and rebuild.
12. - 15. …

16. Wrap a leather or rubber cock-strap firmly around your penis and scrotum for 3-4 hours after each pump session and do not ejaculate during this time. This allows your penis to remain semi erect after the pump session.
17. Always use clean cylinders. Wash them new and after each use. Wash with detergent and warm water, rinse and dry. Do not place them in a dishwasher! Do not share cylinders with friends. Never wash the hand pump or immerse in water.
18. Wash your penis and urinate after each pump session. Itching may occur it you do not clean all lubricated areas thorougly.
19. Avoid taking Aspirin or blood thinning drugs. Vitamin C and Zinc supplements are recommended to assist in tissue rebuilding.
20. Warning: if you use the vacuum pump at a high level of pressure, it may cause injury. Use minimum pressure only and follow these instructions. The vacuum pump device is not intended for unsupervised medical use. If you have any medical, or physical condition including implants, or blood disease do not use the vacuum pump without consulting your doctor first. Use of this pump system is done of your own risk! This is a recreational device and is sold as a novelty item and has not been empirically validated.

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