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Silicone Electrodes
2 pairs of silicone electrodes for the MyStim Tension Lover. The Mystim permanent silicone electrodes are isolated on on
19.90 €
Mystim Tickling Truman
Tickling Truman is unprecedented, because our E-Stim Vibes are the first and only toys that have you enjoy both vibratio
99.90 €
Plastic Seals
10 plastic seals for one time use with the MyStim chastity cock cage Pubic Enemy.
10.00 €
Mystim Plunging Pete
For the fancy: With his 24K gold-plated urethral sound flanked by two golden balls, our Plunging Pete stimulates the gla
99.90 €
Mystim Pubic Enemy No. 2
The Pubic Enemy No 2 is our neat and transparent cock cage with e-stim function: He lets you keep a boisterous willy pen
159.90 €
Mystim Curving Curt
This is an innovative bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator made of pure and smooth medical silicone. Its curved c-sha
59.90 €
Adaptater Mystim-2.5-mm-Jack
An adapter for mystim electro boxes, fitting to 2.5 mm stereo jacks.
10.00 €
electric Cock Loop
The »Mystim Rodeo Robin« a Penis-Testicle-Strap Set provokes sensations on a very simple way. Just attach the loops to y
34.90 €
Electro Plug »Little John«
A finely manufactured two phased and conical shaped plug from polished aluminum. The isolation layer between the two pha
99.90 €
Adaptater Mystim-Banana
An adapter for mystim electro boxes, fitting to the 4 mm banana plugs used for our leather cockbands.
10.00 €
Electro-Set »Mystim«
Vibrating was yesterday! »Mystim Tension Lover« sets standards in modern electro stimulation therapy. By means of soft e
199.90 €
contact gel for electrodes 250 ml
The universal contact gel for electrodes. Builds up a conductive link between the electrode and your skin. That equalize
8.90 €
Electro-Dildo 35 mm
This electro-dildoe is two-phased with cable and plug compatible with our electro box. Available in heavy medical steel
109.90 €
double Electro Plug 35 mm
A two phased butt plug manufactured from heavy medical stainless-steel with 130 mm length and 35 mm diameter. This plug
99.90 €
A long stick for the urethra. Medical, polished Aluminum and 2-pole-electrifiable. Desinfect and insert it s l o w l y a
79.90 €
Electro Plug round
A two phased butt plug usable with our electro box. Its manufactured from heavy medical stainless-steel. This round plug
79.90 €
Electro Ballstretcher
This 40 mm ballstretcher is engineered with two electric sockets for banana plugs. It has ca. 35 mm inner diameter. Th
24.90 €
Electro Cockcuff
An 80 mm wide leatherpiece with lacing, connected with a cockband. The metal pole shoe of the cuff is the one pole, the
59.90 €
Patch Cord
Two alligator clamps attached to a banana plug with each 1 meter cable and plug for our electro box. Usable for electrif
19.90 €
Electro Cockband two-pole
Electrify your sex sensations with this cockstrap made of black soft leather with an inserted electrode. Just plug into
19.90 €
Water soluble, approved and simply good. Sterile. 82 g tube (10.85 €/100 g). K-Y is a water based cream and was use
6.00 €
Electro Twin Cockband
These cockstretcher is in opposite to its plain version studded for better conductiveness. When your partner blindfolds
49.90 €