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How to hang a sling? the mathematical view

From the mathematic view its really simple to hang a sling. The distance of the hooks in the ceiling from eachother is to be calculated to sling width + 2 x Y. Y results from the height of hanging H and the hanging angle alpha to

Y = h x sin(alpha) / sin(90° - alpha)

As you see this matter might become somewhat complicated.

But maybe we can help you with some practical tips:
If your ceiling is stable enough (e.g. concrete), you need hooks for concrete (or for wood, if you intend to hand the sling in a arbor construction).
The distance of the hooks from eachother you get indeed from the upon listed cryptical formula. But we calculated for you some practical values to work from.:

distance sling-ceilingdistance hooks widthdistance hooks length
1.00 Meter1.30 Meter1.60 Meter
1.50 Meter1.65 Meter1.95 Meter
2.00 Meter2.00 Meter2.30 Meter
2.50 Meter2.35 Meter2.65 Meter

For the mathematicians of you: we estimate an »optimal angle« of 20 degrees and all values are CIRCA. So please use your sense of proportion too!

extra long Sling

… but how to hang him?

We don't guarantee the correctness of these conclusions and are not liable for any damages, which may result!

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We have them back: the one-and-only industrial gloves: The »Emperor« by Marigold Industrial! Originally used in the chem
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