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Pornography is a complicated matter – in Germany. We have in our mind that agreemental sex between adults must not be reglemented. Not so the german code of law.

They try to save our children but suppress the adults: We may sell you »Toy« and other adult magazines in our store if we control that you are over 18 years of age.

But we may not send it to you by mail – even if we have your birth certificate! Any minor aged guy may steal the magazine from the postmans bag and may get irreversible damage to his soul - a terrific imagination!

But if you are a reseller all these laws aren't valid. You don't understand this? We too!

Other countries have much more modern laws. Unfortunately the hystery about children pornography in the web blocks any rational discussion of this admittedly tricky problem.

That means: we have magazines and videos, but only in the shop! And the shop you can only enter after previous control of identity card and bodily search.

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Mike Gorden: Gefahr von der anderen Seite [german]
Holographische Muster von jenseits des kosmischen Mikrowellenhintergrundes. Ein Blick in die nächste Dimension. Ein Stra
18.95 €
Cazzo: Gefangen
The movie debut of CAZZO-FILM Berlin … a jailhouse story Cazzo Film. Playtime 95 Minutes FSK16. Format DVD9 in 16:9 Sc
29.90 €