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College-Stockings white-black-red
The team of barcode Berlin are wellknown for their premium underwear manufactured in Europe. New in stock are colourful
19.90 €
Trainer Mesh Shorts black-red
Hot sport shorts by the well known label barcode Berlin. Sewn like a boxer short from slightly transparent mesh tissue.
27.92 €
Football-Socks blue-white
The team of barcode Berlin prodly presents football socks in lively fetish colors. Their easy-care material mix fits ext
9.90 €
From our own workshop: the HML Fetish moneybag! A real allround organiser for your money, credit- or ID-cards and even y
29.90 €
Gift Certificate
You want to make an individual present to your sweetheart? You aren't sure, if he needs the item or might misunderstand
20.00 €
Soccer-Stockings black-white
The team of barcode Berlin is wellknown for their premium underwear manufactured in Europe. Football socks in strong fet
19.90 €
C4R – care for rubber
C4R: The perfect substitution for all kind of rubber care. C4R is an extra thin silicone fluid. It adheres on every rubb
9.90 €
Marigold Industrial Gloves wrist length
We have them back: the one-and-only industrial gloves: The »Emperor« by Marigold Industrial! Originally used in the chem
22.90 €
Alpha Twin Stripe Polo black-yellow
The typical scene-polo manufactured by Alpha Industries. 100% cotton with embroidered breast logo and only two buttons –
31.43 €
HML Waist Belt
35 mm wide, black and made of a plain, cutted leather. Silver anodized buckle embossed with carefully engraved HML Fetis
19.90 €
Teardrop-Cockring stainless steel
You will love this ring! A high-end ring from solid and polished stainless steel providing uncomparable sensations throu
49.90 €
Cock & Ass Blaster
You'll love this new toy! It pleasures you in a double manner. The front side will be entangled by the elastic fat cockr
34.90 €
Silicone Cockstretcher black
The fat alternative to our small one: TitanMen brought us a really nice, new tool. Almost invisible when worn under your
10.90 €
Biker Purse
The cool and useful wallet with the big capacity. 6 partitions for credit cards incl. 1 transparent protector for your I
69.90 €
Leather-Vest titflash
New in our collection and for an unbeatable price. This waistcoat fas a lot of features: Manufactured from matt black, s
125.00 €
Alpha Track-Top grey
New in our collection: a tight rib tank top from Alpha Industries. Manufactured from 100% cotton with printed front and
16.03 €
Buckled Cockband
A two and a half centimeter wide strap, closable and adjustable with an attached strap and buckle, all in decent black.
14.90 €
The new Special Cockband: once attached, your equipment is in the position to fill your slip or string in the best possi
24.90 €
Silicone Ball Cage black
Use your tool longer. Stretch TPR cock ring by TitanMen is designed to keep your cock solid as a rock! Available in blac
12.90 €
Condoms HT Spezial 10er
Transparent and with reservoir. Unrivalled low priced at HML. Ask in your supermarket! HT Spezial was developed in the e
4.50 €
Glove Damascus DX80
And here the Original: the Damascus »DX80 Ultra-Thin Elite Leather Glove«. Since 1955 – when Damascus began – they devel
79.90 €
fuck Bodyglide thicker
Silicone based, clear and very efficient. fuck is available exclusively at HML Fetish in a new, esp. thick composition.
12.90 €
Stainless Steel Chain
New at HML-Fetish – slave equipment, which is suitable for everyday use: these chain from stainless steel can be worn un
29.90 €
Wear these inconspicuous thing (just 3 cm diameter when relaxed!) on your finger or around your wrist and you're dressed
9.90 €
15 mm wide Cockring
This Cockring is manufactured from seamless and shiny polished stainless steel, has a weight of ca. 130 g - 180 g and a
29.90 €
Knitted Cap unlined
This knitted cap is made for wind and weather: made from polyacryl it gives you a warm head the whole winter through. On
5.00 €
Police-Trousers LAPD-blue
This original brand uniform trousers are made in the US of an easy-care dacron polyester. Manufactured by elbeco and Fec
119.90 €
Carpenter's Shorts
Manufactured with all the details you know from the long carpenter's jeans, only without rule pocket. A true classic in
265.00 €
Suspenders 25 mm wide
For real Skins - the extra hot suspenders suiting your bleachers. In six hot colours: black, white, red, yellow, royal b
9.90 €
Inhaler I
Have a change and put something up your nose! These inhalers, engineered of three parts and screwed into each other are
19.90 €
Police Shoulder-Strap
The ultimate police cross-strap. Hand-crafted of several layers deep-black and shiny cowhide. With many details like th
69.90 €
Key-Fob Handcuffs
Dieser originelle Schlüsselanhänger stellt zwei (funktionsfähige!) Mini-Handschellen aus Metall dar und ist ein klares E
5.00 €
Leather Strap 2 meters
Leather straps in different colors. Durable, ca. 3 mm x 3 mm profile and 2 m length. For ligation, as a necklet or as la
4.00 €
Leather Noose
This leather strap with ca. 3 mm x 3 mm profile can be opened and closed with a hangmens noose. Four colours available:
4.00 €
Code-Armband with black stripe
Black and shiny cownappa with an integrated stripe of colored leather. Sumptuous manufacturing in our own workshop. 40 m
24.90 €
Laced Gauntlet
Very masculine gauntlets, hand-crafted with several layers of black cownappa. With welt-bordered edges, nickel free eyel
39.90 €
Leather Tie 5 cm wide
Ties made of fine, solid dyed leather. Choose your favorite width: We offer them 5 cm wide or 9 cm wide. In six hot colo
69.90 €
Rubber Tank
Black latex tank-top with skin-tight, body-forming fit. 0.35 mm fine latex rubber quality. Available in sizes S, M, L, X
69.90 €
A surf suit with short sleeves and legs in a durable 0.6 mm latex, glued and heat-sealed. An all-thru zip with several z
249.90 €
Cockhalter »Mike«
A very special band- and ring-construction, which gives your fancy full scope (your cock and balls rather less). Dependa
49.90 €
Fits like a glove: Made of a soft and extra thin lamb nappa our leather »condom« is ready to become a perfect wrapping f
69.90 €
Rubber Gloves 0.3 mm wrist length
Black smooth latex gloves. With its 0.35 mm thin rubber material, they keep your hands sensitiveness. These gloves are m
12.90 €
Rubber Shorts with white stripes
The full fitting design in latex rubber will hug every curve of your physique. With side striping in white. With an all-
114.90 €
Rubber-Condom 0.3 mm
Casted from black latex in anatomically shape and very, very durable. Will bear up all actions. The fitting is very tigh
7.90 €
Rubber Muscle-T
Smooth and shiny hides and smoothenes some details of your body and gives the impression of aloofness. Then again it mak
74.90 €
Leather-Hood with zip
Durable but stretchable leather, as few seems as possible and a good shaping of the head. So were the conceptual demands
185.00 €
Bondage basic equipment. The Starter-Set consists of two ropes à 2.5 meter and one rope à 5 meter. Added is the (english
34.90 €
A Plug, our very useful Plug-Mount and a Mini-String as a complete set. No need to wear more than this under your jean
89.90 €
Nightstick (Ton-Fa)
The original Ton-Fa designed for the US Cops. Casted ca. 28 mm thick special polymer. Ca. 58 cm long. Police officers we
19.90 €
Riding Crop 65 cm
With an eye to every detail made of plastics with a small loop on the tip. Affordable and good! Attention: Looks plain a
9.90 €
Clover clamps connected with chains and a leatherstrap with your cockring. The strap is adjustable with a buckle and the
69.90 €
Moisturize them, squeeze them firmly, put them on your nipples and let them suck. Come as a pair. Choose your size: S (1
14.90 €
HML Adult Supporter
The all-purpose supporter (and we anticipate your purpose) made of finest black cowhide. With a 2" waistband. Completely
119.90 €
Leather Microbrief
This extremely appetizing micro-brief is made of a black shiny cowhide with special soft-treatment. Comes in sizes from
119.90 €
Leather-Belt twolayered 40 mm
That's the way we work leather! Two layers, border-sewn, with nickel free washer rivets strengthened holes - that makes
39.90 €
Three leather straps and one cockring - the least you can wear. The straps, each ca. 2 cm wide of two layers black, smoo
34.90 €
Leather Boxer Short
A very formfitting boxer made of a black special soft-treatened cowhide. Of course without inside-pants and designed to
149.90 €
Thick Donut
Special stainless steel, lathed and polished. Because of its elliptical profile the pressure is distributed in a special
34.90 €
This ultimate slip-stop keeps your plug in place in every situation. This little thing of efficiency fits to the crotch-
49.90 €
Packed Cockstrap
Soft and weighted: a leather cockstrap with jam-packed filling. Fine sand is used for the filling and the leather strap,
24.90 €
Body-Harness 3 cm with buckles
Full-body harness constructed of 3 cm wide cowhide nappa-leather belts. They are around 2.6 mm thick. Due to the leather
199.90 €
Profile-Cockring 10 mm
A look of strength and elegance: this cockring lathed of solid glossy polished stainless high-grade steel to a profile o
29.90 €
Approx. 22" square, with discreet paisley-pattern, in 100 % cotton. Choose of following colors: yellow (pissing), orang
4.50 €
Wrist Wallet 6 cm wide
Clever and attractive: A leather wristlet with backside pocket for needful things. About 6 cm (2.4") wide and 3 mm (0.12
29.90 €
British punksters fashion. Shiny black high-lacing boots made in the United Kogdom. With a 20-eye lacing. These boots ar
99.90 €
Top-Harness 4 cm wide with snaps
The heavy version of our top-harnesses with wider belts. Built of 4 cm (1.6") wide cowhide nappa belts. The belts are ar
119.90 €
501 Leather Jeans
The leather jeans in 501 pattern which is particularly recommended for muscled thighs. Made of full black and shiny cow-
445.00 €
A very special and well designed construction of leather and steel. Strong and durable leather, high-end manufacturing (
139.90 €
This is the genuine US police duty gear belt. Made of hand-cut top grain leather for durability and good looks. It is 2,
89.90 €
NYPD Patch
Embroidered shoulder patch of the New York Police Department as collectible. About 90 mm to 110 mm. These items are re
9.90 €