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C4R - Care for Rubber for free!
1 bottle for free for each buyer of a shirt, a pair of trousers or a suit from rubber. C4R: The perfect substitution fo
0.00 €
Free pen
Free with your order: the HML Fetish pen. We'll gladly add one piece to your order.
0.00 €
Wear these inconspicuous thing (just 3 cm diameter when relaxed!) on your finger or around your wrist and you're dressed
5.00 €
Free scene infos
Free with your order: a package of german Scene Infos and Magazines (like BOX, Schwulissimo and BLU). (all german langu
0.00 €
Key Tag
A unique tag for your bunch of keys: handmade from finest black leather! The tag is 4 cm wide and 4-8 cm long. Its elabo
5.00 €
Gift Certificate
You want to make an individual present to your sweetheart? You aren't sure, if he needs the item or might misunderstand
20.00 €
Free belt with Leather Trousers
Two layers of strong but soft cowhide nappa-leather, border-sewed, with washer rivets strengthened holes, each one manuf
0.00 €
50 Euro for your old one
Get off your pants and save 50 Euros! Pamper yourself with a new 501-style, our hot carpenter's pants or any other leat
-50.00 €
Folded Card »Bear Companions«
Carefully drawn and manufactured in Germany. The artist can't deny his preference for more the bear in us all – an absol
2.90 €