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11.02.2019: Have you seen our blank books already?

Perfectly suitable for quick notes, your personal diary or even your first shirt story. Blank dotted pages, high quality paper and 5 euros only. Carry it with you and write something nice! This blank book is perfect for your agenda, your first novel or your personal diary. Format: 15 x 21 cm. 224 pages in hardcover

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21.01.2019: In one's own behalf

Here we will keep you up to date on the latest developments at HML. New products, such as the barcode Berlin club harness shown below, can be found here as well as references to special offers or other types of bargains.

The planned merger of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp leads to a new data kraken of unbelievable size. We will not participate in this development and therefore close our private accounts there in the medium term. Then no one is left to care for HML's social media accounts. That's why we're starting our own blog today. We are sure that you will enjoy our pages in future, too.

Your HML Team

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