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17.09.2020: Original and only available @ HML!

We're offering a couple of items we developed ourselves. We will present them to you successively. Today we show you:

  • --> The face mask from perforated leather, with cotton inlay and hidden pocket for paper towels and other filter stuff.
  • --> The leather condom fits your tool like a glove from super soft lamb skin.
  • --> The leather chastity harness makes sure that you stay calm, when the situation is too tempting...
Browse with loads of fun!

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07.08.2020: Bondage @ HML!

You left another hot summer day behind. The evening is still warm and your fantasies get unleashed. Then it's good, when you shopped with us before. We strongly reduced the price for our ultra wide leather velcro restraints. You get one pair for 50 or respectively 60 € !

Even more exciting is it to play with cotton ropes. Losing your mobility bit by bit or take it from someone. Then playing the best game on earth together. With us you get the ropes in many different lengths for good prices!

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Here you'll find our complete assortment for bondage!

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10.06.2020: New in stock: a harness for your thighs!

You wear this harness around your thigh and attach it to the belt loops of your pants with the two carbines. We manufacture this harness from 4 cm wide leather belts with heavy, shiny buckles. Sizes M and L. Colours: black, white, red, blue, yellow and grey.

Item-No. OH11 just for 87.63 €!

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24.06.2020: new face masks @ HML!

masks aren't only protective. With the spandex version you can leave your house incognito and some people will change the sideway out of respect. The other two asks can be worn every day and have a hidden pocket to place a tissue in between. Our most exclusive style is the one from perforated leather.

Prices from 9.90 € !

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03.06.2020: new dildoes with suction cup in stock, 40 mm - 90 mm!

Here comes a new series of special dildoes with suction cups on their base. They're moulded from PVC and free of phthalates and latex, odourless, non-toxic and easy to clean. They promise to become your playmate for many, many times.

Prices from 24.90 € !

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27.05.2020: Original Jock Straps now in 5 colours!

As seen in the football locker room: The Original Edition is our successor of the classic Jock from BIKE, which won't be sewn anymore. This supporter works with a 2 inch crochet-knit waistband. Available in sizes from S to XL and in black, white, red, blue and yellow.

Just for 14.90 € !

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11.05.2020: We've been into masks before they became cool!

Face masks for everyone? Here comes an affordable style: On first view it looks like any other mask. But it's fetish - from ca. 1.5 mm thick, perforated neoprene!

Of course, this mask does not provide security against viruses! It's made with elastic loops around the ears. Fix them in front of your face and enjoy…

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Exclusive @ HML: face masks from leather. Click through our hot styles and unleash your fantasies!

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05.05.2020: New: Cop-Holster from FH Leather Manufactury!

Cops carry their guns on these belts. The advantage for them is that you can't see them under a jacket. The benefit to you is: Do you wear it on your shirt or shirtless, they make your shoulders looking more muscular and so you look hot in them. Go as a bad boy with our shoulder harness!

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24.04.2020: We've been into masks before they became cool!

Face masks for everyone? With this new Task model by far the hottest thing one could think of. Of course, this mask does not provide security against viruses, but rarely a piece of leather has stimulated your imagination more! Tysk Berlin has delivered a masterpiece with this cuddly soft leather mask. Lace them close to your face and enjoy the tempting smell of leather. Forget all the bad things happening in the world right now and ride the wave of your feelings.

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09.04.2020: New in stock - A face mask from leather!

You definitely don't have this exclusive face mask yet! Of course, this mask does not provide security against viruses, but rarely a piece of leather has stimulated your imagination more! Tysk Berlin has delivered a masterpiece with this cuddly soft leather mask. Lace them close to your face and enjoy the tempting smell of leather.

Item-No. TY11 just for 69.90 €!

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30.03.2020: Dildoes & Plugs 20% off!

Bored at home alone? Going out only with good reason? No hook-ups? We put the things right and present you a whole collection of new house friends who will pleasure you 24/7: our dildoes and plugs!

Click on one of the two images below, we will offer you all the products behind it until April 30, 2020 with a 20% discount. So you save easily. Of course, you will also find everything you need to pass the time, e.g. top up your lubricant stock.

And no, you don't have to see a psychiatrist just because you tell your tool how awesome it is. Just worry if it answers!

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23.03.2020: Gloves sold out? Not with us!

Disposable gloves have been barely available for weeks. We stocked up before the crisis and the best thing is that our prices have not changed. You can get the 100 box from us for as little as € 14.90. Click here to stock up today!

Leather is cooler? Browse here for our large selection of many different styles. They are designed for all circumstances you might imagine.

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17.03.2020: Informations about the Corona crisis

We have to shut down our Brick-and-Mortar-Store from Wednesday, March 18th, on. The online mail-order won't be affected! We will work on your orders as fast as usual. Just expect that the transport might last longer.

The steps taken by the authorities are drastic. However, we assume that things will slowly normalize again after Easter at the latest. We have to and will find ways!

On this note: keep a stiff upper lip (and order with us)!
Sincerely your HML Team


05.03.2020: New in stock: Puppy-Masks from Neoprene!

An useful mask from soft and stretchable black neoprene. The muzzle is removable and available in five colours. Some special treats can be swallowed easier without muzzle. Colours: black, red, blue, yellow and grey. Sizes M and L.

Item-No. MA81 just for 59.90 €!

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26.02.2020: New in stock: a whole web shop!

We are still testing. But soon we will show you the new webshop that we are currently working on. The look is contemporary and the layout tidy and adaptive. This means that our shop also looks sharp on your smartphone screen.

A look on the engine shows a number of new functions. For example, we are introducing additional search options, new payment methods and weight-based shipping costs. If you only order a small thing or if you agree to a shipment as a consignment, shipping - especially abroad - will be much cheaper. You can also view our prices in other currencies.

The data protection law is also an important matter. In future, registering in the shop will only work with an order. Registrationis no longer necessary for receiving a newsletter, because you can now order it individually.

There will be more news soon. If you don't want to miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter!

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28.01.2020: New in stock: Rubber-Slips with Condom!

This Slip is something special. Not as thin like the standard underwear, but from 0.6 mm strong casted latex. The integrated condom has the same effect like a cockring. Once put on there's no chance to hide your hardon. These exclusive slips were one of our best sellers over the years.

We deliver the sizes S bis XL. If your size is located between two sizes we recommend you to buy the larger size to avoid a too-tight-feeling. The thicker rubber doesn't stretch as easy as the 0.35 mm Rubber other suppliers using for underwear.

Slip with closed Condom, 0,6 mm: item-No. SP83 just for 59.90 €
Slip with Condom and attached tube, 0,6 mm: item-No. SP84 just for 64.90 €

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17.01.2020: new pump dildoes and plugs!

We have them in stock again: Pump Dildos and Pump Plugs in all sizes. You're training for a well equipped guy or for the next fist party? It doesn't matter. We have the right size for you.

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Don't forget your plannings for the next summer! Look for our wristlet purses from shiny and endurable leather. Available in many, many colours and sizes and from 29.90 EUR!

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07.12.2019: von Pfingstberg Fetish Calendar 2020!

This year's calendar is the hottest we've found on the leather and fetish market. The Berlin photographer »von Pfingstberg« presents us 13 guys, whom he has staged with great attention to detail. If you are occasionally in the clubs and bars of Berlin, you will surely have met one of these beautiful guys. Even though you may not have gotten past a nice chat at the bar, they are now yours on paper. For a year, then there's new stuff to dream about.

Format: 30 x 42 cm just for 23.90 €

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15.10.2019: new Fetisch-Gloves shoulder length!

We were able to convince one of our suppliers to manufacture the Fetish Gloves in an ultra long version. The result exceeded all expectations. 80 cm long gloves enclose your arms skintight until their end avove the shoulders. They fit like a second skin about their whole length from the fingertips on. They are unlined - just 0.7 mm thin, finest black aniline leather for an ultra sensitive feeling.

The prices are fair: just 149.90 €/Pair for these 80 cm long gloves.

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10.09.2019: Riding Boots from PVC for just 29.90 €!

A boot in style of the classical riding highboots. Looks like real rubber or a very finely grained, polished leather. The calfs are shaped authentically and make these boots become a real eyecatcher.

The boot height is ca. 44 cm on the inner side, the leg outside is 3 cm higher (dressage curb). These boots have a white tricot lining. Treated with phthalate free plasticisers.

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15.08.2019: New Calendars for 2020 in stock!

In addition to the usual suspects such as Colt and Raging Stallion, we have two special items for you this year: On the one hand, Bruce Sargeant, who painted erotic oil paintings by more or less naked men during sports activities in the golden twenties and with his impeccable, classic art today inspired more famous artists such as Georges Quaintance and Tom-of-Finland. On the other, James Bidgood, whose erotic photographs made him an icon of gay movement in the 1970s. Even if you do not remember these times personally, you will surely enjoy your absolutely extraordinary calendars. Your relatives, moreover, too because the pictures are absolutely housebroken!

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10.07.2019: The summer of slaves!

Wanna know how to feel treated as a slave? Wanna attach a collar to someones neck? Then receive discount by HML Fetish until the end of month. Buy our leather collars with 20%!

Handmade in our Bremen workshop and sewed and riveted by Mike Gorden. Ask him for a signature!

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19.06.2019: New images for our web-shop!

We have photographed diligently and now rebuilding our image database. We have just renewed several hundred pictures or exchanged them for older ones. Others will follow.

Have a new look around our online catalogue and be inspired by the sharp and detailed pictures.

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01.06.2019: Hot panties for warm days and long evenings!

Now that summer is in the starting blocks, it's time to check your closet. Are you still fashionable up-to-date? Are worn parts that you have to sort out and very important: What fits?

Click on the picture below and let yourself be inspired by our colourful ideas. We have increased our holdings with new styles. Whether you want to party or just looking for something casual for your next BBQ: Here you will always find the right one!

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12.04.2019: Special Offers for Easter!

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13.03.2019: How to take care for my toys?

Cleaning: with handwarm water. Any household washing-up liquid will be OK. Dry the product completely before storing away.

Some customers told us, that they use a dishwasher to clean their dildoes and butt plugs. Apart from the fact, that the water in a dishwasher is too hot, this technique might be usable only for very special fetishists?

You should use a condom for your dildo too!

Storage: dark, dry, airy and single. Direct sunlight will cause the material to fade after a longer period.

Usage: warming it up before is a good idea. Use handwarm water for it. Your dildoe just as little designed for a microwave as your hamster.

Don't share your dildoes / butt plugs with other guys. That may be social, but unhygienic.



06.03.2019: posh underwear for your feet!

The team of barcode Berlin is wellknown for their premium underwear manufactured in Europe. Football socks in strong fetish colors were difficult to get in the past years ? until now! Their easy-care material mix fits extremely well for sports and all other sweaty games. Exactly the right stockings for our Premier League guys - or the perfect fitting for your 20- or 30-holers. Made from 75% cotton, 23% polyamide, 2% elasthane and available in actually several bright color-combinations.

The prices are fair: Socks from 9.90 €/Pair and Stockings from 15.90 €/Pair



25.02.2019: still remainders of exclusive leather boots in stock!

We're removing some boot styles from our stock. The prices displayed here are only valid for stock sizes and as long as stock lasts. Buy these leather boot brands from 99.90 €.There's surely one pair in your size available.

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18.02.2019: Exclusive at HML: the Bondage Leather Belt

An extra wide and highly durable restraint. This bondage belt keeps our promises. The integrated, endurably seamed, 4 cm wide leather belt with its heavy, welded D-rings keeps you safe in all situations. The 17 cm wide version with two integrated belts keeps your whole weight, but even the 11 cm wide version with one belt is an optimal anchor for all kinds of restraints. Leather lined and extra comfortable for metal allergics. Sewed in our workshop in Bremen. Buy it from 179.90 €.

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11.02.2019: Have you seen our blank books already?

Perfectly suitable for quick notes, your personal diary or even your first shirt story. Blank dotted pages, high quality paper and 5 euros only. Carry it with you and write something nice! This blank book is perfect for your agenda, your first novel or your personal diary. Format: 15 x 21 cm. 224 pages in hardcover

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21.01.2019: In one's own behalf

Here we will keep you up to date on the latest developments at HML. New products, such as the barcode Berlin club harness shown below, can be found here as well as references to special offers or other types of bargains.

The planned merger of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp leads to a new data kraken of unbelievable size. We will not participate in this development and therefore close our private accounts there in the medium term. Then no one is left to care for HML's social media accounts. That's why we're starting our own blog today. We are sure that you will enjoy our pages in future, too.

Your HML Team

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