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Clothing from leather was described first with Neanderthals ca. 130,000 years ago. Raw hides were used in these ancient times. Later, following to the exploration and use of fire, first primitive methods of tanning were established making the material more durable. The invention of the sewing needle in the Paleoliticum enabled the production of real clothing. In ancient Egypt from ca. 3,000 b.c.e. multiple methods of tanning and subsequently different types of leather were used. The trade of tannery was less respected despite of its importance because of its bad smell and environmental pollution.

Clothing from leather had to be robust and functional in these times. Plain shirts and vests from tanned leather exist in Europe since stone age. From High Middle Ages this is documented with illustrations. The indian natives in North America wore shirts from leather, too but they share just their function (covering the chest) with current shirts. The styles were very plain and have less close fitting. In the 17th and 18th century we're seeing knee-length leather pants (culottes) spreading in the Central European area. They were used as dungarees for lower classes of population and develop to the traditional dresses of the alpine countries in the late decades of the 19th century. Leather clothing seamed and tailored corresponding to current standards is described in the 20th century together with the distribution of more powerful sewing machines.

Today's leather clothing is designed to current fashion styles. By using the right leather its possible to reproduce finest details of tailory even with leather. Because leather clothing is spreaded in the fetish scene predominantly (which developed from the late 60th in the US and Western Europe) thus the styles have an manageable amount which can be sewed in mass-produce. Tailor made clothing (like you're buying from us) lets your fantasy thriving. You see the love of detail mirroring in all of our products. Leave yourself inspiring on the following pages and - if you don't find what you're searching for - just ask us!

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Gauntlets en cuir doublure épais
A mid-weight light lined glove in premium cowhide. With gauntlet and adjustable velcro wrist strap. A perfect glove for
39.90 €
Perfecto Highway 4
Une alternative bon marché et un perfecto parfait pour le quotidien. Quilted light lining from artificial silk et au do
129.90 €
50 Euro pour ta vieille
Baisse ton pantalon pour 50 euros d'économies! Fais-toi plaisir avec un nouveau 501 en cuir, notre pantalon de charpent
-50.00 €
Longueur des manches
La commande de manches plus/minus longues pour ton perfecto, ton blouson ou ta chemise en cuir est simple. Choisis ici l
40.00 €
Chaîne à épaule
A heavy armor chain from nickel plated steel made for the epaulets of your leather jacket. Its made from two partial cha
9.90 €
LB Vest
Inspirated by an Army Tactical Load Bearing Vest – new interpreted for the fetish scene. This vest offers lots of storag
225.00 €
Frag Vest
We use an extra soft and mate black cownappa for our masculine and robust Frag-Vest. The evident contrast of the soft m
445.00 €
Gauntlets en cuir doublure fin
A mid-weight light lined glove in premium cowhide. With gauntlet and adjustable velcro wrist strap. A perfect glove for
29.90 €
Perfecto CHP
Probablement le plus connu des classiques américains: Le perfecto de la California Highway Patrol. Travaillé en cuir de
785.00 €
Veste de survêt en cuir
Confectionnée en allemande exclusivement pour HML: aussi douce que durable, cette veste de survêt est travaillée en vach
645.00 €
Perfecto Highway
Un classique américain - ce perfecto ultra lourd est un must pour ceux qui aiment les grosses cylindrées ou ceux qui s'a
855.00 €
Tunique d'uniforme
Pour les fétichistes aux goûts particuliers nous avons cette tunique d'uniforme allemande en vachette noire, brillante e
665.00 €
Ceinture Sam-Browne
La ceinture must pour compléter le look cuir intégral ou bien l'uniforme de cop américain en cuir épais soit à la surfac
89.90 €
Camisole de force
Heavy stuff - effective against extreme bitchyness: our leather strait jacket. The custom made jacket is manufactured
995.00 €
Blouson de police allemande
L'authentique blouson des flics allemands. Vachette haute de gamme, traîtée et imperméabilisée selon les directives sur
299.90 €