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The history of male underwear is unexpectedly short. Male underpants are mentioned in a trusted document first in the late 18th century. Undershirts are existing a few decades longer. Describing them as »sexy« would be a rude overstating. They were worn under the outerwear only and were hidden to extrinsic glances. Thus the shapes and colours were plain until boring. The term »passion killer« describes their erotic effect appropriately.

From the late 60th of the past century underwear slipped into the focus literally with enhancing sex education and shorter and shorter skirts. This development lead to a ballooning evolution of (mainly female) underwear. Male underwear is limited down to the present day into a couple of styles: The slip (brief), boxer and boxer brief, cycle shorts and the jock-strap.

The latter (with a protective hard inlay) originates from US highschool sport and will be worn over the normal underwear. Just in the gay scene it will be worn skintight (and butt enhancing).

Underwear from leather is something special. Its available in manyfold styles - from a plain brief until complicated constructions for the BDSM scene. Whilst a boxer short is seen widely on the beach, during a cross country run or in the gym the other styles are more designed for your bedroom or special clubs. Leather underwear is commonly seen as fetish, not as underwear.

Let the people just think so. They'll never ever experience the unique feeling of pure, soft, unlined leather on naked skin!

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HML mini Jock-Strap en cuir
Il n'en faut pas plus pour un jock-strap: une bordure solide en cuir qui tient tout en forme dans toutes circonstances.
49.90 €
Harnais de chasteté en cuir
Completely new developed by and and only available at HML. Long test series with willing customers were needed to create
79.90 €
HML Adult Supporter blanc XXL
The all-purpose supporter (and we anticipate your purpose) made of finest black cowhide. With a 2" waistband. Completely
83.93 €
Débardeur en cuir
Un débardeur en nappa fin noir, doux et aux finitions parfaites. La coupe classique laisse sufisamment d'espace pour bie
132.93 €
HML Adult Supporter blau royale S
The all-purpose supporter (and we anticipate your purpose) made of finest black cowhide. With a 2" waistband. Completely
83.93 €
Haut de lutteur en cuir
Un débardeur du genre lutteur en cuir fin, noir et luisant signé »Benno von Stein« Tank-Top. Le zip devant est quasiment
125.93 €
Débardeur en Synleather
Un débardeur chaud moulant signé »Benno von Stein« – une griffe allemande excellente par son choix de matériaux et par s
48.93 €
Boxeur en Synleather
Un boxeur très sexe à la coupe étroite signé »Benno von Stein« – une griffe allemande excellente par son choix de matéri
59.43 €
Supporter en cuir push-up
Un design particulier pour tout mettre bien en valeur. Travaillé en vachette luisante noire, cette variation d'un jock-s
99.90 €
Supporter en cuir avec crépine
Un design particulièrement sexe et moulant. Travaillé en cuir mat et cuir mat troué pour tout reveler en le cachant. deu
89.90 €
Jock-strap Army Cuir
Une nouveauté exclusive chez HML fetish: un jock-strap en cuir avec la poche en textile camouflage de la Bundeswehr qui
69.90 €
Posing String
This is the string for every opportunity. Already worn closed it will attract attention, due to the straps' special run
139.90 €
Préservatif en cuir
Fits like a glove: Made of a soft and extra thin lamb nappa our leather »condom« is ready to become a perfect wrapping f
69.90 €
Slip en cuir pour sport
The classic pattern of a sporty brief, engineered with a soft tanned cowhide nappa-leather, black. Without genital slot.
129.90 €
Slip mini en cuir
This extremely appetizing micro-brief is made of a black shiny cowhide with special soft-treatment. Comes in sizes from
119.90 €
Short de boxeur en cuir
A very formfitting boxer made of a black special soft-treatened cowhide. Of course without inside-pants and designed to
149.90 €
Short de jogging en cuir
Image runners and hurdle-racers wearing this kind of pants. Then you have an idea how horny this one of black leather lo
139.90 €
String pour maitre
A very special and well designed construction of leather and steel. Strong and durable leather, high-end manufacturing (
139.90 €
HML Jock-Strap en cuir
Le jock-strap que nous connaissons tous mais cette fois décliné en cuir noir intégral, y compris tous les élastiques. Di
119.90 €
Jock de luxe en cuir avec fermeture éclair
L'ultime des jock-strap: travaillé en cuir noir luisant. Deux pressions devant et un laçage derrière comme tu le connais
124.90 €
Tanga en cuir
This string-thong has a stable pouch, hold to the narrow waistband by several snaps. In the back from both sides the wai
99.90 €
Voici le matos qui tient ton plug bien en place et ce dans quasiment toutes les circonstances. Il s'adapte à l'entre-jam
49.90 €
Trois lanières de cuir et un cock-ring. Il n'en faut pas plus pour être bien habillé. Les lanières ont une largeur d'env
34.90 €
HM Jock-Strap étroit
A supporter with narrow waistband and back straps. Completely hand-manufactured of solid dyed black leather. Elastic wai
99.90 €
String pour chasteté MAK
Completely new and only available at HML. This endurable construction will effectively prevent from unauthorised access.
149.90 €