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Bottes à tige haute pour Police (hiver)
Winter tall boots of the netherland's police. Tall Boots in excellent quality. Boxed and hydrophobated cowhide with full
299.90 €
Gants de Police PREMIUM
Ils te manquent, ces gants hyper fins que Damascus a produits dans le passé? Ils nous ont manqué aussi et c’est la raiso
79.90 €
Pantalon de police LAPD-bleu avec bandes jaunes
Un pantalon d'uniforme en Midnight-navy-blue frôlnt le noir et porté par les flics de san Francisco et de Los Angeles.
139.90 €
Holster de cuisse
Un holster de cuisse avec sangles de cuisse et ceinturon en noir. Le holster de cuisse pratique, renforce avec PVC sur l
24.90 €
US Helmet »MICH« black
An affordable replica of an U.S. Army helmet. Size adjustable with a chin strap, the cushioned lining is adjustable to y
44.50 €
Bottes de cheval en PVC
Voici une botte sur le modèle d'une classique botte de cheval qui ne se distingue quasiment plus des modèles en cuir ou
44.90 €
Uniforme Utility NYPD
Voilà ta possibilité de t'offrir une uniforme NYPD très proche de l'original à un prix imbattable! Pour te sentir comme
345.00 €
Casque en acier noir WW2
A true to original replica of the steel helmet of the German Armed Forces in World War II. Black varnished with an insid
89.90 €
Casquette LAPD
This distinctive service uniform cap is an round shaped cushionaire, the shape worn by the Los Angeles Police Department
79.90 €
One pair of knee pads in black. A solide and endurable replica with good protection, adjustable closures and a horny loo
12.90 €
Bottes montantes en cuir lustré
Nouveau chez HML: Bottes montantes à le ligne étroite en cuir de vache lustré extra. Tige montante, coupe cavalière, dou
495.00 €
NYPD Captain 33/M
Die Sommer-Utility-Uniform eines Captain beim New York Police Department. Nicht das original Polohemd, dennoch verwechse
179.90 €
LASD Deputy 31/L
A tactical dress of a Deputy at the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. Olive-green trousers and shirt, easy care fabrics fo
179.90 €
NYPD SOD Officer 30/M
This is your opportunity to get a hot and close to original NYPD uniform for an affordable price! Feel like an Officer a
229.90 €
Tom-of-Finland Breeches
On les connait des dessins de Tom of Finland: les Breeches moulant là ou il faut et "Jodphur-style". Travaillé en vachet
0.00 €
Philadelphia PD Uniform 32/M
The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is one of the biggest police authorities in the US with the largest tradition o
199.90 €
Army Sergeant First Class 32/L
An original US-Army Class B army-tan 445 Summer-Uniform. Comes here from a Sergeant first class. As good as new from an
199.90 €
Army Drill Sergeant 33/L
Unique offer: A real US Army uniform (Service Dress Class B) of a Drill Sergeant. Comes with original shirt, trousers, i
179.90 €
NYPD Dep. Inspector 30/S
With the white shirt for the commanding officers comes this exceptional dress for service at the New York Police Departm
299.90 €
NYPD ESU Lieutenant 34/M
The Emergency Service Unit at the New York Police Department provides several specialised teams to handle extreme situat
279.90 €
USMC L. Corporal B 30/M
Another real US Marine Corps service dress. The Class B uniform with long-sleeve shirt and tie. Original, worn by a Lan
179.90 €
Phil. Prisons Officer 32/M
This faithful copy of a semi-formal service dress is hardly to get. This uniform is for an Officer of the Philadelphia P
199.90 €
Gants Damascus DX80
Voilà l'original: Les gants Damascus »DX80 Ultra-Thin Elite Leather Glove«. Depuis 1955 Damascus fournit les flics améri
79.90 €
Chicago AD Detective 31/M
New, never used summer service dress of a Detective at the Chicago Police, delegated to the Chicago Department of Aviati
179.90 €
Pantalon de police LAPD-bleu
Un pantalon d'uniforme en Midnight-navy-blue frôlnt le noir et porté par les flics de san Francisco et de Los Angeles.
119.90 €
Tie LAPD-blue
In colour (midnight navy-blue) and material exact fitting to the LAPD blue police-shirt. Ready-made with 4-in-hand knot
19.90 €
Sangle d'épaule police
The ultimate police cross-strap. Hand-crafted of several layers deep-black and shiny cowhide. With many details like th
69.90 €
CYA Officer 34/M
The California Youth Authority is the Californian division of juvenile justice and part of the California Department of
229.90 €
Boot Hooks
Its really easy to slip into your boot using these tricky hooks! Fix the hooks in the bootleg loops of one boot, leave i
9.90 €
USMC L. Corporal C 30/S
This original US Marine Corps Service Dress B uniform for the service of the day. Consisting of the short-sleeve khaki s
179.90 €
These are premium handcuffs made from steel and nickel plated. They have a double locking system and are supplied with t
29.90 €
Insigne avec aigle
This breast badge shows a glossy silver surface with blue text »Security Officer« and hard enameled center seal. This is
34.90 €
Casquette SFPD
This distinctive service uniform cap is an eight-point cushionaire, the shape worn by the San Francisco und New York Pol
59.90 €
This is the real CHP tie. 4-in-hand and a must-have, if you want the perfect California Highway Patrol outfit.
19.90 €
Gants de Police
One of the best and the most economic police gloves on the market. Made from drumdyed cowhide leather that's 0,9 mm thic
49.90 €
Bottes à tige haute sur mesure
Bien entendu tu peux individualiser ta paire de bottes Patrol quant à l'hauteur et la circonférence de la tige. L'hauteu
0.00 €
Tunique d'uniforme
Pour les fétichistes aux goûts particuliers nous avons cette tunique d'uniforme allemande en vachette noire, brillante e
665.00 €