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Tom-of-Finland cadenas
This solid body padlock is a blend of lightweight materials and sturdy metal with a Tom of Finland logo printed on the o
14.90 €
Set de châine
For perfect installation of your sling you should have a concrete room-ceiling or you fix heavy hooks into wooden traver
39.90 €
Kit porte-menottes, menottes
Un porte-menottes solide en cuir qu va à quasiment tous les modèles. Vient en kit avec une paire de menottes à charnière
49.90 €
This padlock from brass is chrome plated and shiny polished. We use it for all purposes where someone or something has t
12.50 €
Carcan en inox
Un carcan en acier noble nickelé et magnétique. Se ferme à la charnière (sans clé). Vaut mieux s'y habituer car tu le po
69.90 €
Menotte de chasteté
Voici une nouveauté en acier noble: une fois, seul le maître des cléfs saura l'enlever. Impossible de se branler et tout
79.90 €
Hand- and Footcuffs Set
A well priced package: Handcuffs (Peerless 300 style, single price 29.90) and Foot-cuffs (single price 39.90), both with
59.90 €
Chaîne en acier inox
En exclusivité chez HML-Fetish - le must pour les butch, soumis et esclaves qui peut se porter au quotidien, par exemple
29.90 €
Clé de maître
This is a key which should not be lost! It fits all of our usual handcuffs except for the budget and Darby versions. It
5.00 €
Porte-clé avec menottes
Dieser originelle Schlüsselanhänger stellt zwei (funktionsfähige!) Mini-Handschellen aus Metall dar und ist ein klares E
5.00 €
This belt-bag is for all regular types of handcuffs and has a useful key hook on the inside. The bag is the perfect addi
19.90 €
Porte-menottes gaufrée
This handcuff case is for all regular types of chains and hinged cuffs. It is made with a basket weave pattern and has a
44.90 €
Plain and masculine but stylish: pearl polished stainless steel, outside curved. Available in four sizes: with 18 mm, 19
29.90 €
Menottes pour décoration
These handcuffs are the cheapest available. They come with two keys and are plated with zinc which hides their budget pr
7.50 €
Châine en acier
Forged from 5 mm thick steel with 21 mm chain-links, welded and zinc-plated. We have a couple of sizes in stock for you
6.00 €
Clé pour menottes
Locked up? Here is the replacement! This is a replacement key for our professional steel or lower budget handcuffs.
1.50 €
Menottes à cardan
Original Alcyon model 5230. These cuffs are characterised by their fully suspended link. Fully free rotation allows you
39.90 €
Menottes pieds en acier
Made from solid steel and plated with nickel. With double-lock system and two standard keys included. The cuffs are quit
39.90 €
Kit porte-menottes
Un porte-menottes solide en cuir qu va à quasiment tous les modèles.
19.90 €
Menottes à charnière
Une paire de menottes à charnière à un prix imbattable. The special link between these cuffs is amazing. The chain is l
39.90 €
Menottes TCH-800
These handcuffs are made by TCH of England (the former Hiatt). They are constructed from nickel plated steel and come wi
79.90 €
Clip de cravate avec menottes
A tie clip with small handcuffs. Wonderfully detailed work. Solid metal nickel silver plated. The guys on the next BLUF
9.90 €